Understanding the Hyper Masculinity and its Impact on Your Life

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

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Expedition into the World of Hyper Masculinity & How it's Hijacking Women's Mindset


It's 5:30am, and I roll over to hit the snooze on my phone, squinting my dry tired eyes searching for that orange button to get 8 more minutes of precious zzzz's from staying up late the night before finishing, dinner, house cleaning, emails and tasks from my work until 10:45, then I feel like I need a little time to unwind with my favorite show and ...bam! it's Midnight. Again! 

My mind is telling me "get your work out now or never." The anxiety hits. I know my kiddo needs to wake up for school and I have a long workday ahead and wont be home until 7:30 pm. My body screams nooooo! as I get out of bed, feeling grumpy. I'm already beginning to fantasize about the weekend when I can sleep in and take a break. Then I realize...I started my cycle so it's time to suck it up and put whatever the latest in feminine care is, so I can continue on through my day as if nothing is going on. No cramps, stomach aches, or fatigue. "Maybe I'll sneak in a car nap when I get to work after I drop off my kiddo." I think to myself as I make coffee. "I'm a strong, independent woman. I can do this! I'm fine. Smile and fake it till you make it!" I play my inner motivation speech a few times over in my mind as my body, or my inner feminine is screaming inside her little box I made long ago in childhood, the one most of us women made to compartmentalize what we really feel, need and most important the guide for what we do. 

If any of this sounds familiar, then welcome sister to the family of women recovering from the hyper masculine mindset to healing  through understanding the mindset of the feminine.

What is the hyper-masculine mindset?
Before I get there let me take you on a short discovery tour of the difference between the masculine and feminine mindsets. 



  • Logic or Problem Solving
  • ​Stoicism 
  • ​Competitiveness
  • ​Independence

Both Feminine and Masculine have valuable qualities when in harmony we can feel at ease. 



  • Intuition
  • Emotion
  • Collaboration
  • ​Nurturing

It's the imbalance of the hyper-masculine that depletes both men and women until we hit burn out or complete disconnect with our own physical bodies.
I've heard female Dr.'s and Lawyers in yoga class say things like "Until I did this, I forgot I had a body." They realized through movement that required them to connect with their bodies that they had been so intensely mind and logic focused they almost lost consciousness of the whole self. 

There in lies the toxic nature of the hyper masculine mindset. No one can feel whole in a state of constant logic, problem solving and stoicism paying zero attention to their true feelings, needs or desires. Many of us unfortunately don't feel whole. We feel disconnected and fractured, because we compartmentalize natural parts of ourselves, such as emotion, intuition and self nurturing to "push through". This is where dis-ease such as anxiety, illness, depression or fractured persons comes from, because we give no value to this vital guidance system within us. The feminine mindset.

When we come to understand the value of harmonizing with our feminine, we connect to the wisdom of our bodies and intuition. We can both feel and connect with the logic and then make decisions with our intuition. We can be aware of when we need true rest and to connect with our emotions in order to recognize when we feel out of balance and possibly pulled in 100 directions by too much independence and problem solving. 

The perfect example is a woman named Susan, A CEO and mother represented in Dr. Daniel Amen's book, Unleash the Power of the Female Brain -"Like many women, she felt guilty no matter what she did. If she was at home she was thinking about work and if she was at work she was thinking about home." 

For women, this radical mindset shift can mean the difference between loving ourselves and feeling whole or waking up with intense anxiety and feeling constantly frustrated at ourselves because we can't meet the "invisible" expectations wired in us from the hyper masculine mindset. 

How Do We Begin To Shift Into Our Feminine Mindset?

  • Body Connection: Meditations and Movement that make your brain aware of EVERY part of your body. I created a meditation that allows you to do this here.
  • Cyclical Living: All women have wombs and even if you have had a full hysterectomy you have womb energy that can be accessed to feel in the feminine flow. This is the seat of our wisdom, creativity and intuition. From teen even past menopause have the ability to understand how our hormones effect our energy, moods and need for more rest certain times of the month. Tapping into this is a super power to live in harmony with the masculine. This mean some days for example during menstruation your body will crave more rest and ease, where other days you will feel fully charged and ready to tackle any project. If you look back on previous months you may  be able to track these fluctuations. OR if you are techy there are apps that help track without a wearable like 28. This app can also let you know when to take more time to rest and gives you recipes to support your hormones.
  •  Cultivate Intuition: Embodying the feminine mindset means you begin to trust that "Inner Knowing" aka. your intuition. That is the place where your greatest wisdom and guidance come from and is our best indicator of what we need to do to follow our deepest desires. This is when we begin to feel that fulfillment instead of burn out.

This new mindset can bring a whole new lens to your life and begin to awaken that dormant longing within you for fulfillment, ease, and finding a new path. 

It took me years of research and mentorship to finally access the right path to the feminine mindset. The methods I adopted to live this path became so effective and trans formative to my life I became full of passion to share this with EVERY woman around me and start a movement. I designed a course to help guide women to the next phase of what it looks like to live in the feminine mindset and avoid the burnout from the hyper masculine mindset we are so accustomed to. 

To learn more click the button below. 


Hey, I’m April Kensington

 I started The Goddess Path to help women discover their Feminine Mindset, after starting two self care  businesses that led me to my own burn out. Confused and frustrated I began a journey of transformation through the archetypes and wisdom of ancient Goddess archetypes. 

The long forgotten wisdom and teachings are being unearthed and shared with women the world over who feel like they are in a battle between the masculine and feminine. Without knowing how incredible the  balance and harmony of the two can create a lasting fulfillment in our life. 

Flourishing Feminine 

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Through deep connection with the Divine Feminine, choosing to give my best to myself first, and knowing my wildness is my wisdom - I experienced deep lasting healing that continues to root and heal my physical body as well. 

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