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Friday, November 24, 2023

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Embracing the Feminine Mindset to Heal from Burnout
by April Kensington

If you are a woman, it's 99% possible you have felt guilty or unworthy of the pleasure of life, and worked yourself to the bone out of a hope you might finally feel worthy because you accomplished so much. Does this sound familiar?

That unpleasant state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged or excessive stress, is a growing concern in today's fast-paced world. While it affects individuals of all genders, women are disproportionately impacted by burnout, often due to the multiple roles they from their professional careers to their personal responsibilities as mothers, caregivers, and homemakers.

These alarming numbers highlight the detrimental impact of living in a hyper-masculine society on women's health and well-being. But what if there was another way, a path that allowed us to reclaim our power, nurture our authentic selves, and heal from the wounds of this patriarchal culture?

SO...where does this burnout stem from?
The hyper masculine mindset that is dominate in our society. This mindset is deep within our psyche and hard to shed with it being the predominate thought pattern modeled for us by generations. Most women don't even realize how trapped we are in this mindset because we have never been taught how to have a Feminine Mindset. 

We aren't given thoughts of ease, delight, pleasure and creativity being something that is powerful and healthy. Instead we are often burdened with the ideas that our value comes from our ability to produce. Whether it's in our career or historically in bearing children. 

We experience deep anxiety from the belief that we must logic and figure things out with our mind instead of that incredible inner knowing called our intuition. When we override this powerful wisdom we create a mistrust of ourselves. This mistrust leads to deeper anxiety, worry and even guilt that we aren't making the best decisions or second guessing that can be debilitating. It's incredible powerful conditioning that most of us aren't even aware of. 

So how do we shed the layers of this hyper masculine mindset and plant new seed of thought that are from the feminine?

The first is being aware of hyper masculine thoughts. 

Feeling unworthy comes from the hyper masculine mindset that our productivity = our value. It's an entirely untrue and unhealthy belief. 

As women we are valuable just for being exactly who we are. Nurturing, loving, creative and passionate. 

Have you ever felt "detached" from your body because you are entirely in your mind. Or forgot your head is attached to your body?

That is the hyper masculine conditioning to focus on logic. 

When we begin to know the feminine we meet our body and the many gifts within that guide us as women.

Spend time appreciating your body as a vessel of the feminine. Notice the sensations, emotions, and energies that arise within you. How can you nourish and honor your body as a sacred space for new seeds of thought to be planted and reframe the way you experience life through the feminine lens.

This may seem foreign now, but as you ease into the knowledge that you are apart of this sacred and divine feminine, you are more than worthy, wonderful, and have so much more to offer in this new way of being, you will begin to feel more ease, pleasure and joy in life. If you feel like you need to a little more help settling into this new journey. I created The Goddess Path with a Free starter course to help guide you to that beautiful feminine mindset you have felt a longing for. I designed it to give you the first steps of what it feels like to embody the feminine mindset and the beauty of it. 

You can sign up for free here. 

Flourishing Feminine 

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Through deep connection with the Divine Feminine, choosing to give my best to myself first, and knowing my wildness is my wisdom - I experienced deep lasting healing that continues to root and heal my physical body as well. 

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